Waking up to solitude after a sleepover under the starry sky on uninhabited grounds-Ah, Bliss! Indeed the perfect elements that lures you into camping, the outdoor sleeping adventure.

Camping in South India is absolutely awesome. Pitch your tents under the towering rainforests or cloud kissing peaks of the Western Ghats or along the numerous waterfalls, plantations and valleys, with not a footprint in site.It is incredible how you forget about mobile phones and tablets once you get acquainted with wilderness. The occasional hooting of an owl, the ever noisy cicadas and perhaps somewhere in the deep, a wild cry of a tusker or a big cat, wow! The exploration of the camp sites are teamed with trekking, hiking, rappelling and at times cycling and canoeing too.

South India has some of the best camping spots which includes the picture-perfect plantations of Munnar, the wild Wayanad, the mountains of Coorg androlling mountains of Kodaikannal. From meadow pitches to hidden clearings amid rainforest trees and cliffs, there is space for every type of camper.