Mannarsala Temple, Haripad

Mannarsala Temple is unique in every manner. Mannarsala is a serpent temple dedicated to Lord Nagaraja in a forest glade. The rituals here are conducted by the elderly Brahmin lady, the great Hermitess, Valia Amma. The groves known as ‘Sarpakaavu’ is believed to be of exceptional energy points on earth.

Thousands of devotees flock-in, on the occasion of Ayilyam festival, the annual festival of the temple. It falls in the month of September and October. The Ayiliyam days of both Malayalam months, Kanni and Thulam are celebrated with utmost grandeur. After the ritual of Nirmalyadharshanam and special Pooja’s in the sanctum sanctorum, the chief priestess and other members carry the idols of the serpent Gods from the grove to their ‘Illam’, the Brahmin household of the Hermitess in a procession adorned with traditional accoutrements such as ‘muthukkuda,’ and ‘venchamaram’ and ‘chendamelam’.

The festivities conclude with the offering of ‘thattil noorum palum’ (a mix of rice, milk and turmeric). ‘Deepakazcha’ is another highlight of the event.