Peruvanam Pooram

The Peruvanam Pooram held in the Peruvanam Temple of Cherppu is known for its grandeur, and its strict adherence to rituals. The festival has a rich history of 1400 years. Peruvanam is the epicentre of chenda melams.

The pooram takes place in March-April, in the Malayalam month of Meenam. This gathering of Gods and Goddesses called ‘Devmela’ on caparisoned elephants accompanied with multiple genres of the drum tradition — Melam, Panchavadyam and Thayambaka is a splendid treat. 24 temples from in and around the heritage village of Peruvanam participates in the festival. After the elephant pageantry called Thidambu, a four hour long traditional percussion ensemble begins followed by fireworks.