Kerala cuisine has, no doubt, evolved over the years due to the blending cultures of the different religious groups in this small state. At the same time, it is also worth noting that, except for a few traditional dishes, many food items have also been adopted by the people of Kerala from many parts of the word altered to suit the culinary preferences of the local. It can be largely owed to its 2000-year-old trade relationships with the Arab countries, Greece, Eastern Mediterranean, Rome, China and Europe.

The cuisine in Kerala offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods depending upon the preferences of the people. Non-vegetarian food mostly consists of meat, poultry and fish. As Kerala lies along the shores of the Arabian Sea, fish makes a large part of the cuisine of Kerala.

Coconut is an important ingredient in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items to provide them with color, flavour and distinct tastes as it is an abundant agricultural produce in Kerala. While the most consumed food is boiled rice, wheat-made chapatti is also a common item consumed by the Keralites. The most popular breakfast in Kerala is ‘Dosa’ (similar to pancake) and ‘Idli’ (steamed rice-cakes), both of which are made cooking fermented raw rice and black gram. Both these items have enough carbohydrates and proteins needed for a human being in the breakfast. Apart from this, there is a variety of steamed preparations in Kerala cuisine using rice flour or dried or fresh Cassava. Kerala dishes are renowned for its extensive use of various spices such as chilli, black pepper, coriander, cardamom, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cloves, cinnamon etc. and it can be attributed to its availability.

The traditional banquet in Kerala, locally called “Sadhya”, is a full-course vegetarian meal of boiled rice and a trove of traditional Kerala dishes, always served on banana leaf. To make “Sadhya” exceptional, one or more varieties of “Payasam”, a sweet dessert indigenous to Kerala, are served at the end of it.

If you would like to have a rollicking and lip-smacking culinary experience in Kerala, let us know, our chefs can do it for you. As Kerala cuisine is normally spicy, if you would not prefer it, let us know in advance to keep it the way you like it.