Over the past few years it has become evident that Medical Tourism has emerged as a distinct possibility in Kerala from many perspectives. A great number of tourists undergo a variety of medical procedures here, both small and large, while they also get to exploit the amazing tourism possibilities that exist in Kerala.

Fundamentally, Kerala has proven beyond doubt to the outside world that it’s medical facilities, doctors and their support staff is at par with the hospitals and medical services abroad. Besides, patients from overseas find the hospital bills here to be much lower than what they incur in their own countries for the exact same procedures. There still is an additional Bonus! One can indulge in Kerala’s abundant natural beauty and her tourism itineraries during or after their medical treatments. Many such overseas patients pleasantly discover that such leisurely medical experience quickens the healing process, while they also save a great amount of money.

One area of medical tourism that has now become real popular among tourists is the Dental Tourism. A good example is the tremendous response Doctor32 Dentistry located near Kakkanad, Kochi has been receiving. Dr32 is a world class dental facility geared to offering basic dental hygiene services to complex dental implant procedures with utmost precision in a cost effective way. It follows the most advanced methodologies with the support of some of the latest equipments used by leading dentists in Europe and North America. Dr32 is governed by a philosophy. Their abiding mission is to make every dental chair experience as pleasant as possible; as most patients perceive dental offices to be intimidating and unpleasant. Moreover, they go into minute details to make dental visits 100% safe in a zero micro-organism environment. Their spittoon-less dental chair is a classic example. It puts less strain on a patient, while it creates a safer dental theater by curtailing the multiplication of bacteria in the spittoon.

They also practice an extremely dependable and efficient autoclave process by aseptically enclosing the autoclaved instruments in individual pouches. It is only opened in front of patients by the doctor just before each procedure.

Travel Cart has a close working relationship with Dr32. We work together with the dental office to make sure that our guest’s travel and tourism activities blend cohesively with their dental treatment at Dr32. A guest can communicate with the dental office before leaving their country to clarify in detail about the treatment they are going to receive and the precise expenses that is involved. Patients need to supply Dr32 with pertinent information regarding their condition so as to help Doctor32 Dentitry make the assessment as accurate as possible.