Being an ardent bird guide and animal lover myself, I am one of the most respected bird watchers in Kerala today with the rich experience of about 14 years. I have been a member of the Nature Society, Kottayam and have been associating with them in most of their endeavours ever since. I have also participated in all of the Bird and Animal Surveys carried out by the Forest Department of Kerala. As a dedicated bird and natural lover, I am always on the ready to go on a tour with the visitors to help them understand the world of the birds and nature in all its unmatched glory and splendour. I can assure you that, if you go on a tour with me, you will surely become a bird and natural lover yourself.


Kumarakom is perhaps the most desired location for migratory birds due to its geologically favouring, environmental and natural setting. This is the major reason Kumarakom is endowed with the “Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary” not only for the birds to come and settle during their migratory periods, but also for the travellers from across the world to come and enjoy the birdy-feast.

It is during the months of November to May that many migratory birds arrive at Kumarakom, and the best time to be there to behold the wonders of the bird world is from March to Mary. At all other times, the birds are in the open very hard to catch their glimpses.

Migratory birds

A few of the important migratory birds to find here;

  • Spot billed pelicans
  • Blue tailed beaters
  • Swamp hens
  • Pintail ducks
  • Comp ducks
  • Painted storks
  • Jacanas
  • Gargeneys
  • Coots
  • Egrets