Mid-June to mid-August is referred to as the VarshaRithu or the monsoon period in Kerala. This is the right time to take a treatment in Ayurveda, as the body will be more receptive to treatments. Some of the ideal and popular panchakarma treatments you can opt during Kerala monsoon:

Abhyanga: Helps improve blood circulation, relaxes body and reduces stress.

Dhara: Helps reduce stress, headaches, migraine, improves memory, relieve sleep disturbances and tension.

Swedanam: Induced sweating by using steam from herbs and leaves, depending on the ailments.

Pizhichil: Helps in reducing fatigue, dryness and neurological disorders

Virechana: For skin disorders, diabetes, asthma & digestive disorders.

TRAVEL CART can arrange highly professionalAyurvedic treatments, based on your specific need. If you plan to take your holiday in Kerala during the monsoon season, and if you do not have a lot of time at your disposal, we highly recommend that you at least take some of the Monsoon rejuvenation packages after a detailed consultation with our Ayurveda experts.