Cherai Beach

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Cherai is a region in the island of Vypin, a suburb of the city of Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India.Cherai has the longest beach in Kochi; the Cherai beach. The Cherai Beach is about 10 km long. Dolphins are occasionally seen here. It has the calm serene Backwaters on the other side and the land along the beach is filled with coconut trees.

Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple is one of the main Hindu temple. It also known as Kerala palani. The festival in the temple is the biggest festival in Ernakulam district. The festival happens every year towards the last 2 weeks of January or first 2 weeks of February. The main attractions are Elephant marching (around 20-30 elephants).

Nearest attractions:

Portuguese Fort : Portuguese Fort : Built in1503 by the Portuguese also known as ‘AyaKotta’. It is the oldest European monument in India. It was anoutpost to safeguard the famous Mussiris Port. In 1661 the Dutch captured the fort and in 1789 the fort was handover to the King of Thiruvithamkoor.

PallipuramChurch: The church is built by the Portuguese. The exquisite picture of Ave Mary on the top of “Altar” is brought from Portugal. The yearly celebrations of Lady of snow happens in August every year.The Water parade of boats is one of the notable functions here.

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