Chokramudi Trek

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Rs 1200/- per pax (3-5 hrs)

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All about the Chokramudi Trek.

Chokramudi trek will be starts with tea plantations, and leads to the ridge with grasslands, rocky terrain, etc…, the magnificent rocky mountain slopes on sides and the patches of shola forest all together is an enchanting visual delight. The trek offers a beautiful view, including Anaimudi “highest peak in S. India”, Idukki dam and the water reservoir of  Idukki Dam which is listed as one of the highest arch dams  in Asia  and third tallest dam in India. Vast tea estates and the slopes with lots of spices plantations, villages, etc…, include the trek path of Chokramudi. To reach the top point we ascend and descend moderately, through the spices or tea plantations to finish our trek.

Cost:  Rs 1200/- per pax (3-5 hrs)

     Rs 1400/- per pax (5-7 hrs)

  1. Day1 Program
    • A drive about 3km to 5km to the starting point at towards (at) Pothamedu. The road being narrow, it is ideal to ride in a jeep or light vehicle.
    • Usually we will start at 8.30 am or 9.00 am
    • Height of starting point will be 1420 or 1550 meters MSL (approx) (depending on the duration of the trek we choose) and the highest point of this trek will be about 2200 meters MSL(again depending on the duration)
    • Our vehicle will wait to drop us to the hotel (if the hotel is in the Pothamedu area, we could even walk back to the hotel, but it will be through road only- not very busy, small road).