The discipline of yoga has long been misunderstood and mystified. The mystery about yoga is now being undone throughout the world, and those who practice yoga are pleasantly surprised by the results. People unanimously agree that yoga in combination with some meditation is relaxing and energizing, both for the body and mind. Though subtle, you start experiencing an inexplicable feeling of wellness and a satisfaction from following a discipline that brings only positivity. Surprisingly you feel better at the end of a session than before you started.
Yoga will help you fathom a deeper meaning of life. It changes your perspective about yourself, your relationship with nature, and helps you attain a profound sense of spirituality. You start seeing things with clarity and less complication.The result is peace of mind, better health, more passion for life and a growing sense of total well-being.


The merits of yoga: The entire nervous system gets stimulated. Yoga involves slow, dynamic and static movements. It stabilizes muscle tone. Low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments due to less strenuous actions. Less calories consumed. Effort is not tedious.Relaxing, because breathing is natural and controlled. Opposing muscle groups are engaged in sequence to achieve a balanced work-out.There is no competition. You can set your own standards for the level of achievement that you wish to attain within a time frame that is practical for you. Focus is on the intrinsic values, giving credence to oxygen intake through structured breathing and the infinite.Self-awareness becomes an abiding virtue in life.

How exercise works: During physical exercise, sympathetic nervous system gets most of the involvement. Consequently, only a limited area of the brain is activated. Movements are rapid and forceful.Strenuous muscle tension increases the risk of injury. Moderate to high caloric consumption. Effort is at a peak. Breathing is not natural, and it is taxed to a great extent. Imbalance in opposing muscle groups could occur, especially when weight training. Creates a highly competitive mind-set with compulsion to reach certain targets.Awareness is confined to the outside, like rushing to a finish line, jumping over a bar etc. A boredom factor could also creep in, as it becomes more like a routine.